Product watch 👀

H&B seem to have stopped stocking these babes

This is a thread to post in when you see harder to source products in the wild. But mainly about you all finding some Ape cheesy puffs for me.


For example. The mint Dairy Milk everyone thinks you can only get in Ireland is usually in the world food section of Morrisons.

Very valuable resource. Thank you for providing this space.

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For god’s sake. Holland & Barrett has been going well downhill these past few years


Massively decreased the crisp section, it’s like they think they’re a health food store or something.

Saw a MASSIVE end of aisle cardboard stand for these in Tesco this week. Likely getting a wide rollout by the looks of things.

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No Ape Puffs yet I see.

Anyway, noodle fans, Morrissons stock the seafood soup flavour of nongshim noodles, I’ve never seen this flavour anywhere (and I spend a long time noodle shopping in Chinatown).

They’re niiiiiiiiiiice.

since we moved I haven’t been able to find the imported piri piri peanuts that Mozzas Partick sells

Please soneone reassure me m&s haven’t stopped doing pina colada?! @rich-t

AFAIK we haven’t

Will check when I get a chance though

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There’s no space on the shelves for it and all these new flavours instead. Don’t do this to me marks, you took away my fave candle, you can not take away my life blood.

I haven’t seen a mint Cornetto in years. :frowning:

Current product watch

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  • Ape cheesy puffs
  • Morrisons piri piri peanuts
  • M&S pina colada
  • mint cornetto

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We haven’t in winch, but there is a chance they’re eliminated company wide and we’re selling sold stock. Will check the stockfile when I get a chance

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I can never travel on a train again if it’s gone, which is tricky in a long-distance, train-reliant relationship but I am incapable of boarding a train without an emotional support pina.

If it was a company wide elimination, there’d be an “elimination” legend next to the item. The yellow rectangle with “25/06/2022” means there’s a supply issue until that date and there’ll be no more deliveries of that line until that date or after.

Praise be. Thank you <3

Please can we keep a collective eye out for this stuff?

Can only ever find in the lakeland cornershop by deansgate and i bloody love the stuff. Proper 80s sort of kiora taste

Product watch: have just acquired on Pentonville Rd. God bless london

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