productive things to do with your phone

So I have an hour- hour half in the morning before my partner wakes up which I usually spend browsing Reddit. As I’m sick of all the shite in the world and even social media, can you give me some ideas of some cool apps/ productive things I can do? I was thinking of getting Headspace so I start the day in a better mood.

Not interested in learning another language though.

Not even being a dick. Don’t look at your phone. Put a book by your bed (if you have enough light to read - if not sorry for being an unhelpful dick)


make the morning a non-phone space, man. give yourself a break.

we should all do this. phones are driving us all fucking insane and we know it really.


delete all your social media accounts, uninstall the apps, throw the phone in the sea and get one of thse

(taken on my iphone X)

I’ve been really bad during lockdown for using ny phone, I think. Cant really blame myself for gravitating towards it sometimes tbh but it definitely can scramble with my head a bit… :confused:

it’s properly hard being that not using it can mean not being social at all.

I’ve sacked off Fb finally (well, temp. deactivation) and I already feel the difference. anything that I’d habitually check in an unhealthy way.

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Or just read a book on your phone with the Kindle App or Kobo app if there’s not the light. Set it on night mode and white text on black and it’s okay for eyes I find



(I am a fan.)

Oh didn’t read that bit!


Be really smug about not having Facebook


Is that a fleshlight app?

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Get a sudoku app

Thanks for the recs, reading my book seems the quietest and healthiest option