Productive ways to spend lockdown

Have we done this? What projects are you hoping to start / complete during lockdown?
Creative (writing, drawing, music), practical (DIY, fixing, clearing out), social (groups or community work).
This is a dreadful situation, but hopefully - for those without health or financial concerns - an opportunity to take stock and spend time on projects. Let’s give each other ideas… Whatcha doing?

Mainly just sitting in my pants, worrying and trying to muster up enough energy to go urinate.


I have vague plans
-doctoral studies will take up time
-have downloaded apps to practice arabic and korean
-write a book that’s been dragging for years
-paint more
-flm nature on my one walk a day
-paint/journal/scrapbook stuff

We’ll see how well it goes , Ramadan is in a month which will change things


Can do the first verse from memory still I think:

Harry Truman Doris Day Red China Johnny Ray
South Pacific Walter winchell joe DiMaggio
Joe McCarthy Richard Nixon
Studebaker television north Korea South Korea marilyn monroe
Rosenbergs, H bomb, Sugar Ray, Panmunjom
Brando, the King and I and the catcher in the rye
Eisenhower, vaccine, England’s got a new queen
Marciano Liberace Santayana goodbye
We didn’t start the fire etc etc


Oh, you fucking asked for it!

Paint fences
Jet wash block paving and add sand
Fit new loo seat
Recover kitchen cupboards
Treat shower plastic
Fix pointing in wall
Paint,line and fill planters
Leaf blow leaves
Jet wash patio and steps
Clean gutters
Clear drains
Clear out garage

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Gonna still be at work then possibly doing some stuff at the foodbank. Don’t go out much anyway tbh. Might watch The US Office and Veronica Mars again.

It’s kind of like last year*, when I booked a whole month off work, and had the house to myself, to finish off my revision for my final accountancy exams.

I made spreadsheet timetables, outlook notifications of study maps, I even planned my food shopping and prep so I would have all the time possible to study. Not only was I going to pass, the accountancy body were going to ring me and tell me they wanted to interview me for a magazine they’d just created in my honour because I was so fucking good.

I spent four weeks watching Homes Under The Hammer and masturbating.

*but nothing like that at all obviously


So many projects I could do but I doubt I’ll make much of any of them with a three year old running a mock.

Wanted to do a fake March Madness bracket for the DiS basketball fans but I don’t think I have the spreadsheet skills to make it work :frowning:

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I’m gonna make a lot of threads.


How many do you think you’ll make?

Making a list of films and TV shows to watch in the evenings

Bought a bunch of Stellaris DLC so going to play loads of that

Also found a fun map to make a Miami-type city on Cities: Skylines so planning on getting stuck into that

I was hoping to use some work time to do some free online courses about economics / politics / political economy but I suspect I’m getting moved onto something relating to the ongoing crisis as soon as Wednesday, so it’ll probably be high stakes work and fun evening stuff as above exclusively

Been making fruit juices out of different fruit each day and then sending pictures to my pals. Looks like it’s gonna be apple (braeburn) tomorrow!


I’m actually gonna try and tighten up some songs for a couple of my bands. Got two academic essays to write too, so that.

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Enough my dear @anon89873996 . Enough.


Gonna learn some coding/programming
Gonna do a remix of my bands songs (onto my second one now)
Gonna finish my solo album
Gonna run at least 5k a day
Gonna try not to wank myself hoarse
Gonna play some final fantasies

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Any fewer than 229 would be awfully off brand…

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Might post some surprises to DiSers I have the addresses of.


drinking heavily


I’m seeing DIY getting mentioned - are DIY type shops going to be allowed to stay open? - I also have DIY I could be doing, dunno

Hardware shops are on the essential list I think.