Productive ways to spend lockdown

We should bring back the things Americans like to do thread. Thats good fun.

So will all be rammed for a couple of weekends, I’ll avoid for a bit I think and stick to things I can do with what I have


Of course!

Just a thought - if he’s playing up at bedtime then a Mango DIPA might help the little mite get some sleep.

Not a serious suggestion, obvs…

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I have more than enough to be getting on with really

-music gear and recording stuff

  • diy/ gardening stuff
  • still working, my job is not really effected apart from 100% doing it at home
  • daily bike ride so that takes up plenty of time for me if I want it to

228 to go before the lockdown is lifted, then.

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It would definitely help me if I were playing up at bedtime.

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Heads up about the Iceland frozen section dead cheap buying frozen blueberries and that there.

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drink a light beer.

go to social places like a bar or cafe wearing a sweatshirt emblazoned with the university or high school they went to

Might draw some more crude birds if anyone wants one.

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claim to be rubbish at football and then turn out to be actually quite good

Already onto this trick :+1:

Might ask for frozen cherries if they can be found on the next shopping expedition…

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Avoid the frozen pomegranate

go to the local bait shop to buy worms for your fishing excursions.

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Noted :slight_smile:

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I believe there is one tackle and hunting gear store per every 100 americans.

plough snow when it snows

pretty accurate

care about ‘torque’ the most when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle

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