Productive ways to spend lockdown

care about ‘torque’ the most when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle

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put snow tires on in the winter.

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Screwfix do delivery and click & collect

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refer to the town council administrative department as ‘the city’


Go for a kegger at makeout creek (with red cups)

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the moontower!

drinking milkshakes with a burger

Every small town has a watertower

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I might write a low budget horror movie called “lockdown”

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Pack heat


Summer in the city
Back of my neck getting a bit achey from working at my dining table


commandeer threads.


Wrangler Jeans
Adverts with Peyton Manning

Real Estate agents in red blazers

ahhh someone just start another thread about it. The poor people of this thread trying to have honest questions and answers.

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What the fuck happened to my lovely thread

Do I have to say more?!
We didn’t start the fire etc etc


@profk started it. But to answer your original questions. During lockdown I am going to be productive by:

Listening to music
Reading books
Watching film
Going fishing (keep a 6 foot social distance minimum mind you)
Drink beer
Have sex
Play with the dogs
Post on DiS

  • Might try and do a little zine on critical theory for the age of pandemics or something along those lines :thinking:

  • Make some music

  • Learn some new bodyweight exercises

  • Be even more online than usual

  • Read more

post them in this thread pls