Productive ways to spend lockdown

i’ll be working from home at full productivity of course

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This is the killer


Locke going to muth fuckin’ take you down if you ain’t on Lockdown!


You can help me with compiling the Herbert Spellerman /Fireflies in Connecticut one if you like?

I’ve thought of an idea now :partying_face:
not gonna post it in here yet though. happy to help if you need but no idea how, never done a zine in my life

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think I might clean the oven this afternoon. Can’t believe it’s come to this.

Appropriate username, tbh.


One of my mates is on his own atm and doesn’t have anything really to do. Gonna leave some tech, books and dvds on his doorstep later to help out. Think he’s quite lonely, poor fella. :frowning:

I’m at the stage where I need to put together things people have written and make them look nice.

Wish I could find the old typewriter that should be somewhere in this house.

the brooklyn art library are running a 28 day thing with art prompts every day. you can join in for free or send them some money to keep going while theyre locked down if you want (i have a sketchbook there so i would like to see them continue to be a thing)


Working from home so I’m occupied between 9 and 5. Also though the BBC Writer’s Room had a call-out for short scripts about self-isolation, so I’m going to try and write one in my spare time before the deadline (Monday!!)