Products where the premium version is no better than the regular version


Chunky peany B. Ooh there’s peanut skin in it now so that’s an extra quid per tub. Fuck off


Didn’t we do this quite recently? Think it was lonzo


Consider this the premium version of his shit thread


Petrol probably, I dunno, I can’t drive.


You can drive me wild though


Read my un-cold-sored lips. I. Can’t. Drive.


Trose tomato soup is no worse than the Heinz premium version. Might be a bit better actually.


It is better


i might have to agree with you there


Heinz soups generally aren’t that great and the tomato is overly sweet there I said it


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in terms of canned soups though, they’re good compared with other supermarkets.


I prefer baxters, generally


this is gonna be the branstons debacle again isn’t it


this thread


Peanut skin is the work of the devil


Artwork restoration


That was morons blathering on about beans, one of two items where heinz is obviously the best standard brand (ketchup is of course the other)


Heineken > Beavertown