Products you've enjoyed abroad which you can't find at home

I like the grimbergen wheat ( having had it on hols) and they do seem to get it in fairly regularly, usually not too expensive, although obvs not monoprix prices!

there was a short time during covid that you could get it in tesco, i have never been happier

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can’t find US mountain dew anywhere these days, even all the online candy store places seem to have run out. might ship a crate when i’m there in a few weeks.

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I love these disgusting bastards. No doubt profk will be along soon to tell me the company is owned by Franco’s grandson.


Drank so much of this on a trip to Belgium a few years back. Worried that if I ever find it again I’d be ripped back in time to Brussels in November 2011, just before my life fell to pieces for a while. I’d still risk it all for some delicious Agrum though.

This post paid for by PROF$.

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