Products you've 'had a look at' thread

Had a look at some Fabs in the freezer section the other day. A long look, maybe 20 seconds. decided against it.


Had a look at Animal Crossing. A decent look. Decided against it.


Too whimsical for you imo

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Looks like a second job you need to pay 60 quid to go to tbh.


seems a bit like minecraft except you can’t make anything cool

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Don’t you have to pay rent and shit in the game too? fuck that.

I think eventually you get tonnes of money so that isn’t an issue then it turns into a game of trading the animals on your island to others in order to get a fishtank or something


You need to pay money if you want a bigger house but if you want to live in a tent for the rest of your life then that’s your choice, maaaaaaaan


Looked at getting an SG but the gear wankers agreed with me that I didn’t want one, I just like to play War Pigs


you don’t want an SG they are mad ugly

weirdly not quite symmetrical in a way that’s upsetting

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I’m always having a look at USB hubs. Literally been having a look for years and not pulled the trigger.

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probably one of the most pleasing low-key purchases you can make. Imagine all the things you can plug in at once! Will bring you a medium amount of joy


it’s the best kind of joy.


Thrm adverts you get on the side of websites. Hot AND a horny single, you say?


Kind of want something with dual humbuckers and the new Epi ones look nice but you’re right, I don’t want an SG.

kind of want the Eastwood one that looks like Josh Homme’s black guitar now

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Don’t really see the point in any other guitars than the fender strat.


I remember really liking the look of this really minimal guitar that was just a woodgrain finish with one humbucker. Can’t remember the make. Sadly they didn’t make it left-handed so I never got one.

really like the idea of a guitar with no tone and no pickup switching, really don’t need to mess about with that stuff

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yeah they are actually still the best guitar