'Professional registration'

Has anyone done this for work? I bet some people on here have, some people have vaguely interesting sounding jobs. Has it been beneficial on the old CV? Do you put the appropriate letters after your name in your email signature and pretend the ridicule you receive is actually well- disguised envy? Do you shamelessly beg for certificates after irrelevant training courses for your cpd folder? I’m a fully certified member of the internet layabout association but am being pressured into signing up for somewhere else through work and it all feels a bit like writing a personal statement for school.

There are two strands to this in architecture: the registration board (ARB - like the GMC) and the professional body (RIBA - like the BMA).

I have to be registered with the first to call myself an Architect, but the second isn’t necessary, however it does offer certain benefits and acts as an advocacy group for the profession and architecture in general.

Work pay for both of mine, which is still, thankfully, pretty standard in the industry. Having a certain number of Architects registered with the RIBA allows them to call themselves a chartered practice and means that they can enter RIBA competitions and get included on company directories etc.

I have my initials on my business card, but not on my e-mail signature.

I’m registered for the things that I need to be, haven’t bothered with anything else. I had vague plans about trying to become a chartered chemist as I went alone but I was too lazy and now I’m too busy.

Got enough letters after my name as it is, tbqfhumble.

I hope you put “tbqfhumble” in your e-mail sig

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