Professions that simply cannot be trusted



firstly - they’re rip off cunts. 45 odd notes for a quick check up? bullshit.

secondly - if they fuck up the job in hand, they never fess up. and if you go for a second opinion, they all stick together, the cunts.

thirdly - they always ask you REALLY IMPORTANT questions when you’re lying down. what other walk of life would this happen in? mortgage advice? fuck off, son!

any more?


Fucking nailed that silkz, nice one mate


they do that in psychoanalysis too i think


Standard DiS answer - Estate agents.


in fact, are you sure you weren’t at a psychoanalyst?


Letting/Estate agents obvs




I’ve been to both, pal. and only one of them was wearing a mauve cardigan




Scaffolders. Always dodgy as fuck. The construction industry has moved on a great deal in the last 20 years or so but scaffolders seem to be stuck in the past in many respects


cunts! took my car for MOT the other day. failed…natch. £270 odd quid. cheeky cunt said it wasn’t that bad! £270 is a lot of money, ya fucking grease monkey!


Confidence tricksters


Patent twats. Big firms in particular are a fucking racket.


Two houses in my street have scaffolding on at the moment, across the road from each other. Walked past them the other day when they both had crews up them, my word, the banter between them. Banter squared.


and pension people (pensioners)


car hire firms


physicists, as most people suspect, it really is all made up


Barristers. Liars for hire.


conveyance guys


I’m regularly getting phone calls and emails in recent few months from estate agents that I was in contact with when i was looking, they’re obviously desperate. It’s great ignoring them and feeling absolutely no guilt whatsoever.