Professions that simply cannot be trusted


also surveyors.

“oooh don’t go buying that house without getting a survey done”

It all seems to be fine*
*we didn’t really look at anything properly though

Balance: £10,000


hate the bit where you have to walk around the car looking for any damage before you take it out. feels like you’re just about to be ripped off if you miss the tiniest scratch.




Anyone that works in social media/professional Twitter users




Ended up losing three teeth from a botched root canal. Absolute fucking dickbags.


this is what I’m talking about maaaan. cunts!

gonna be honest, I’m in the market for a girlfriend who is a) ok and b) a dentist. got very weak gums and will probably need quite a bit of work done in the future


How so?

I might have to give my first official warning for this and it will go on your permanent record, Ant.


^right there


hmmm - I’ve NEVER had one of these!


Don’t think I’m handing them out enough to be quite honest with you.


it’s a feature of the new site, silkz


Is my permanent record categorised in the dewey decimal system is it?


@thewarn comes round to your house and kneecaps you.

pretty grim.


you are 661


It’s particularly grating when you have to pay for this sort of shit on a new build.

Most things to do with houses are a load of money-making schemes for cunts tbh.


we nver got a survey done on our house. winning


Scaffolders basically use your house as storage, try getting them to take it down once your finished with it if there’s not another job for it to go to.


Recruitment cunts

n.b this does not include those doing it because they have no other option/straight out of uni etc. I’m talking about the WEIRD MEN (GO AWAY) that seemingly enjoy it and actively pursue it as a career