You did that by writing “I woman” instead of “A woman”, thereby rendering the whole initial post unintelligible to any reasonable human being. It’s a wonder you got any coherent responses.

Thanks for stopping by!

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They do them in m&s now….

See in theory the idea seems repulsive, but I trust M&S with stuff like this. Their burger spring rolls are very good.

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I’m still saying “no” but please try and review in my Christmas party food thread


Of course I will!

I would like to try these, with gravy.

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:smiley: excited for this

I’m usually all over anything cheese but not sure about the shoe pastry

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freshly made choux: delicious
éclairs, profiteroles etc. from the supermarket: like soggy cardboard

Aren’t eclairs just long profiteroles, though?

Always something to be excited about but once you’ve had one the rest of is very disappointing and bland. Think I’d rather any other form of choux pastry

Yeah, it’s the proportions of cream:pastry that make a difference.

Great as long as they have chocolate filling not whipped cream.

Took the plunge

They are really good actually. Would be incredible with a bit of bacon/ham in the mix as well.

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Love profiteroles beyond reason. There is no limit to the amount of profiteroles I could eat. Outstanding pudding

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