Profk leaving drinks @LME mid-November


at a SE pub of prof’s choice TBC.

  • in
  • out
  • depends

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here’s some dates

  • Fri 10th November
  • Fri 17th November
  • Wildcard Weds 15th November
  • None of these boooo

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multiple choice poll

  • Friday 10th Nov
  • Friday 17th Nov
  • Weds 15th Nov
  • Booo none of these (again)

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Will profk be there?



Ahm oot.



I’d be up for this. I’m working stupid unsociable hours on Fri 17th but may be able to finish early if that’s the date we go for. So, yeah. Cool!


What’s all this south east London business about eh?


i know! south londoners, what are they like!!


Unfiltered evil


@profk, are you leaving like, for EVER ever?


I know riding trams, having a larger part of their transport service above ground partly due to the soil composition.


I should be able to drink again by the 17th AND I live in SE so… that would be great


Can I come to profk’s leaving drinks if I’ve never actually met profk (or any DiSers actually)


I’ll probably be back by Feb with my tail between my legs but YEAH


Are you planning on living in Spanish Spain permanently?

If so, where?




permanent is a strong word, but…yeah I don’t really have any plans to come back so…yeah?

North west - Galicia to begin with. Planning on travelling round a bit though.


s’pose I should give him a chance to redeem himself


How much bunse have you put away roughly, if you don’t mind me asking? Dream about fucking off but worry about the finances. Dunno why, could literally just book an open return and get my job back here, but…