Profk leaving drinks @LME mid-November

yeah no worries.

i’ll have a cushion of about 2 grand when I move. However, I am in the very privileged position of having some pretty much guaranteed assistant teaching work (private lessons and assistant teaching) when I move, speak the language to a good level and have a tonne of close family nearby.

will you start posting in spanish after you move?

you should come with, it’d be like a real life auf wiedersen pet but in Spain


I will, of course, be moving to the Spanish boards, Afogado en Sonido


You mean like I post in Norwegian?



Make sure the pub has a dart board, obvs.

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You’d be a menace with darts tbf

I get better at darts the more drunk I get, so I’d be 180ing every round by the end of a DiS meat.

Every time we’ve bumped into each other has been an official dis meat anyway. We’re just too cool for selfies

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I think it would also be somewhat poetic if you were the first and last person I’d ever met off the internet, before I fire myself into the sun.


This might coincide with when i start working in london. So… maybe?


Don’t forget our vaguely affordable housing within walking distance of central London!

are you south London too now? remember thinking of you as Mr North London, even before the two princes (ruffers and eric) began their reign of terror.

I very much was in a previous life!

But after five years living in a city where I walked everywhere I couldn’t face the idea of a London transport commute again. So, job in Westminster, found a room in Kennington, 20 minute walk to work, all bloody good.

(Plus, I’m back in Edinburgh one weekend in two, so it doesn’t super matter to me where I live here - just needs to be close to work!)

Also good luck on your move, obviously! Heartily endorse anyone moving away from London.


cheers man! :slight_smile:

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Wise choice to live in kennington :rofl: :joy:

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Kennington’s nice, mate.

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Yeah I went to the Old Red Lion the other day. Seemed a friendly local crowd and all the bar staff were lovely.

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SO many good pubs in Kennington/oval. A top 5 in London for me is nearish on cleaver square - prince of Wales.