Progress on beeves

I thought this was a nice time to provide an update on the beeves as time has passed. It’s a good opportunity to review the beeves you’ve had, beeves you may have caused yourself, and see if you have changed your mind or you’re still pretty set.

Remember to tag your beeve buddy!

@1101010 - Theo, you expressed some serious RAGE about Jumbo Oats if you remember. You said that they were shit and you want your porridge to have the constancy of the porridge in Pret. Well NEWSFLASH, Pret uses Jumbo Oats!

@ Every pizza scissor cutter - We got pizza at work on Friday which were poorly cut. Instead of getting a knife, someone in my office passed me over a pair of old school silver office scissors. I did not take him up on this offer and instead I had to walk away.

Update the beef!

I don’t think @eltham thinks I’m a Tory any more, and likewise.


(If they use jumbo oats and their porridge looks just like your porridge from them, then clearly the two packs of these sorts of oats I’ve bought have been substandard because I’ve stirred the fuck out of them for 15 minutes on a high heat and it doesn’t go like that. Otherwise one might presume all jumbo oats are not the same or they have some kind of machinery that does the job for them.)

How’s your shit bicycle @anon44830896?

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that’s right, everything pret does is amazing

but it just so happens that jumbo oats are good

Any update on your bullshit warm cheese food poisoning?

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I think they may soak them overnight and warm them or heat them overnight. Hence overnight oats where this all started.


I still stand by that and you’re all dickheads for trying to tell me otherwise.

The seat still hurts my vagina if thats what you’re asking.

Just the anonymous people who complained about one of my posts. Not real beeves but just confused me a little.

not just for trying to tell you otherwise

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What post?

Well sort of. My point was rather than spend 12 hours and lots of power to make your porridge you spend five minutes using cheaper porridge oats to achieve the same effect.

Harmless gag about bombing people in a burger queue.

Preparing overnight oats takes less than 5 mins. Cheaper oats do not give the same effect.

i cant have this argument again over oats. I need someone else to step in.


I don’t know what that little fella means but I’m going to assume it’s a fan of my work so thank you.

I try and avoid the beeves because it upsets me when I see my online friends upset with each other.

A particularly egregious example was where @anon44830896 and @plasticniki were tearing into each other on the subject of bikes. I didn’t like that at all.

^ at half mast