ProgThread (Rolling)

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For there is a difference!

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new Aquaserge album is enjoyable

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Music is back: in Prog form!


never heard of Aquaserge, not bad though. Jazzy. avant-garde and Canterbury in some ways.

Is their newest their best?

Here’s a video about prog rock musicians that is worth a laugh or 2.

I love Caravan

Me too, Gert.

and here is my very favourite song about a dragon


This thread is delivering.

Can’t believe I enjoyed a Theo joke

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Welcome to the prog thread Ruffers! You’ll like it here.

Can’t beat a bit of 1980s Marillion. Can’t think of many bands whose public perception is so different to the actual band. (I would imagine most would come up with Gabriel-era Genesis pastiches, songs about goblins and wizards, or knowing someone about the age of 30 called Kayleigh). But as this is the prog thread here’s their most Genesis- like song (and the only one which even vaguely fantasy). I pretty much wore out my VHS of this:

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yeah I’m a fanboy as Marillion are my favorite band of all-time, and as much as I adore dozens of their other songs, I have a hard time placing any track they did above Grendel, despite its resemblance to Supper’s Ready at points.

Fish just owns that track.

Generally dislike prog but I’ll make an exception for this gem


Guys, I’ve never been able to get into Marillion despite trying oh so many times.

I’ve heard Script for a Jester’s Tear and Misplaced Childhood - the first sounds exactly like a Peter Gabriel pastiche, the second is anaemic and instantly forgettable. So I thought - hey, maybe I just don’t like Fish! But then I tried Brave, and Jesus Christ it was bad.

They’re one of those bands I like the idea of.

I saw Marillion, around 86 I guess. Gloucester Leisure Centre. Think I enjoyed it. Cardiacs supported and the crowd hated them. Not sure why as there’s obviously a big nod to Gabriel era Genesis in what they do too.

Cardiacs are at times a bit too quirky and genre bending I suppose. I know people who worship them to death, including Mike Vennart, formerly of Oceansize and now Vennart and British Theater as well as touring guitarist for Biffy Clyro.

I have only checked out 1 or 2 of the Cardiacs records and while I follow their appeal, I didn’t hear enough to find desire to go back to them. I suppose it may just be a matter of spending more time and hearing some of their other work.

I think it was “A Little Man and a House and the Whole World Window” that I gave a go. “Sing to God” possibly as well, as I have that 1 wishlisted on rateyourmusic

prog is quite terrible, isn’t it? king crimson 69-74, and a few early yes records. the rest can do one.

Speaking of Oceansize, I still maintain that Frames is the best prog rock album I’ve heard (probably because it’s a mix of alt & prog lol) and Trail of Fire is the best modern prog song. Also have to credit Amplifier’s mainly their debut album, their songs aren’t as strong as some other modern prog bands but the way they sound is a perfect mix of alt and prog with some hard rock. Panzer is as badass of a track as it gets.

I think the issue is that prog (the traditional variety) wasn’t for everyone. I know it wasn’t for me, I cringe and roll my eyes sitting through long solos or outros or Marillion-like vocals…my point is that it wasn’t for everyone and it resulted in less newer bands picking up the mantle and deciding to go the prog rock route. It’s also probably much more challenging to make, there’s a reason why most kids end up making alt/indie/pop bands instead of prog.

Does this count as Prog?? I love this song!

it’s easily their worst song