Prometheus 2 - Alien 6

Only 2 more sleeps (or 1 if you go to a midnight screening) omg!!11
Looks great and EXACTLY the same as the other one, like, exactly.
Pretty sure guy Pearce is all old suited up, everyone’s staring into flower things that fire aliens, and people being attacked in the lav/bathroom

Going to see it on Saturday, haven’t seen Prometheus 1

are you going to watch P1 before P2, it’s only ITV2 every other day…not sure you’ll follow what’s going on without falling in love with the rich depth of characters and storylines from P1

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Nah, CBA mate.

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What about if they did Alien vs Norbit?


Tried to hate watch Prometheus 1 last night but it was too bad. Had to give up midway through.

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If you’re familiar with the story of jesus, you’ll be fine.

I know literally everything about the life of Jesus, go on, ask me anything at all about him.

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What was his mum’s name?

Mary. Piece of piss mate.

Nice one!


Fucking LOL at paying money to see this in the cinema.

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On Front Row on Radio 4 last night they finished their review with “it’s a must-see for all fans of Alien”, to which I mentally replied “No shit. You reckon?”


Still can’t believe that Prometheus has got 72% and is certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes

I mean really? What?

you could have said it out loud, they can’t hear you.

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I would quite like to see an alien in 3D I guess.

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this was NOT my thread title!!!11

Not much point in saying it out loud then huh?


Considered Prometheus 2 - Audience 0