Prometheus II: Revenge of creakyknees Trailer


Prometheus 2 - Alien 6

That shower scene is very concerning, hoping that isn’t representative of the film as a whole.


Oh dear, I really hope it’s good! I love Amy Seimetz and Billy Crudup…

It won’t be though, will it?


Will we get the first good Alien film in over 30 years? Probably not, no.


nice to see they’re leaving behind all that pretentious origin-of-man nonsense and concentrating on giving people what they want: shower scenes! Danny McBride is in it though which is just about salvaging my interest. will probably watch a dodgy stream of it some rainy night


Suspect it’ll be utter shite, but still marginally better than that new Blade Runner attempt.


Usually a devoted cynic but im quietly optimistic for the new blade runner


As long as ridley scott isnt directing there is hope


Ridley Scott is rarely the problem, far more often it’s a poor script


Yeah he’s great if the script is


If you haven’t already seen it there’s a new trailer!!! This has actually got me a lot more excited.


some boring jerks go to a planet, discover alien remains, get picked off one by one. david does something creepy.

f :clap: f :clap: s :clap:


Hahaha, EXACTLY. I cannot wait.


i dunno if i can do it honestly! thought prometheus was all over the place but at least it tried something different.


You will though, won’t you?


very much doubt i’ll go cinema. will watch it eventually when it comes on amazon prob


when I went to see Prometheus I went full on fancy seats, 3D all the crazy stuff. Waste. of. time. Will probably get over excited and do the same thing :heart_eyes: :popcorn:


well, let nobody say that you aren’t dedicated to the horror cause.


Yeah, exactly what is going to make this different to Alien apart from the mostly planet-based aspect.

I wonder if it’s meant to be set much before Alien again? Otherwise the Weyland-Yutani (?) corporation must be getting pretty sick of how often their plan to get some Xenomorphs fails to work out.


WELL… maybe it’ll work out this time!? You’ll just have to go and see the film to find out!