Promising Young Woman

Specifically on the reaction, I don’t think the emotion is laughable, I think the depiction was really weak and self indulgent. It was a kind of artsy crying and hugging trees situation of deep melodrama that seemed out of place and too long. We got the reaction from the moment we saw Cassie clock Ryan and it played out very well on her face as you hear his voice on the tape. That was powerful in itself. The next bit was overblown bloat.

I think I’m asking for something reasonable in a film that covers rape culture and trauma and goes on for about two hours. I’m asking for a character with motivations and development. We get the act one set up of slacker with a weird grudge, then the inciting incident of Ryan in the coffee shop, and some development as she tries to live a normal life and then we get a prolonged middle section of the twist revenges culminating in a pyrrhic defeat. This is where I think the film has issues because it presents initially as a hero’s journey and then slides into shoe gaze indie where development isn’t as important.

I have a pretty big issue with the treatment of women that I don’t think is solved by accepting that men do it so it’s ok that Cassie does. I understand the message that women are involved in rape culture as well, however I think it’s a bizarre choice to weaponise it on them in the context of a film where actual date rapists are given a telling off. If she was murdering the men, ok then it makes sense. What’s her message, if you don’t speak out for victims as a woman then you DO deserve assault? Some women DO deserve this to happen to them? For a film about revenge on rape culture, the message is muddy.

I just think I May Destroy You did this in a significantly better way and the film is an also ran. It’s very slick with a wonderful cast but leans on the fact it’s about rape culture to give it meaning and heft. I liked looking at it, I thought it was cute and the colour palette was nice. But I stand by weak dialogue (although maybe it would have been a good novel) and confusing/muddy plot issues, tone issues, a one dimensional protagonist and at two hours, it’s bloated. For me, any of those things alone make a kinda hokey film but all together, it’s messy. The emperor has some sick new duds with the praise this is getting, imo.

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the UK release date was meant to be 12th Feb but it’s still only available for preorder through Amazon (£13.99!!).

where are you guys finding it?

How are people watching this?

OK, going from never heard of it, to intrigued by this thread.

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Can’t wait to write more massive scrolling spoilered missives about this, rereading my own comments to keep the fire stoked x

Haha, @Squandered your issues with this are some of the same issues I have with I May Destroy You (bloated, muddy, etc) and, like you are with PYW, I feel totally alienated by the universal praise for IMDY. Something I thought might really resonate with me - and it had its moments - ultimately just ended up making me feel further alienated, as its descent into an unfocused PSA on consent meant that some of the types of abuse were handled really poorly and dismissively, and I felt like it was really careless and unsympathetic in its dealing with something I’ve experienced. It’s the sort of show I’d give a 3/5 after watching and a 2/5 in hindsight because I feel increasingly sour about it from a distance. I think if it were a 6 episode series I’d have liked it much more.

PYW might have had other stuff going on around the storyline but it felt pretty focused and never like it strayed too far from the main story. I do agree that how she dealt with Madison was really horrible and uncomfortable, although I think it’s ok that Cassie is hypocritical on this front - it’s the kind of illogic and disproportionate emotions that blinkered obsession/illness can lead you to. It’s obviously not healthy to just want everything to burn but I don’t find that side of things unrealistic.

[cw: assault, violence] I did like it when IMDY briefly dealt with violent thoughts towards your abuser in the final episode - I quite regularly daydream about inflicting horrific violence/revenge on someone who did something bad to me, and occasionally to others who have enabled it. It would achieve nothing but a sense of really grim schadenfreude, but that would be satisfying, for just a moment. Now you know what it’s like to feel helpless. Obviously I wouldn’t actually do it and I’m in therapy etc but I can see how that kind of thought pattern could really lead you down a really disturbing path, especially where someone’s abuse led to the death of a person you love. You have to suspend your disbelief for this particular storyline, obviously, but it’s satisfying to watch it implied that violence is happening to these men. For everyone who secretly wishes they could but can’t!

Sure, slightly convenient, but I was starting to think the moral of the story was that nothing ever changes and life goes on for these guys. If it was just the murder, then yes you could claim self defence. But covering up the murder, burning the body, not reporting it… nah, I don’t think you can get out of that.

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Actually very much agree with you that IMDY turned into a consent PSA and that made it weaker, and that it would have benefitted from a shorter run. It struck me like nothing else though in that episode where she talks about googling false memories and how it’s so weird she has this strange memory fragment that can’t be real! That was an ooft moment. I do think the IMDY ending of killing the rapist had more gravity and shock factor in that context because we saw Arabella as more human and fully formed whereas I didn’t feel that Cassie was fleshed out in the same way. Especially after having been alone with the other men, so having had opportunity etc but I can grant that Al was a kamikaze mission. I think the film built up too much to pretending Cassie was capable of murder and then took too long to deliver that - the tone was nudge nudge wink wink, too rather than played straight so it lost shock factor and felt anticlimactic rather than, this is an every woman pushed to the brink. She was set up at the outset as maybe killing people, before we knew she was doing telling offs instead.

On the whole it’s good that we are having these conversations now, which PYW does add to. I found the tone most problematic in hindsight, and wanted more from a Promising Young Film!

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I felt exactly the same about the ending, yeah.

I have now seen this film, but have not seen I may Destroy You so not unblurred a lot of the chat.

I thought it was good, but not sure its brilliant. It feel like quite stylised which doesn’t really sit to well with me, cant really explain this better. Like squandered said the stuff towards other women felt worse than towards men. Once the video was mentioned was obvious her bf would be involved

Laughed at the bit where the guy asked why would they do that and the policeman said ‘…Cos she’s missing’


I was gonna say it reminded me of Killing Eve in style and just read the Director worked on Killing Eve

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Coincidentally watched this film about a week after finishing IMDY.

I thought the film was entertaining and enjoyable but IMDY blew my mind at several parts. The last episode in particular was genius.

It’s great that both exist though and people are talking about their themes.

Whilst I didn’t think PSW was anywhere near as good I think it will hopefully end up having a much bigger reach due to its length and accessibility.

Sadly I can’t imagine too many of my male cis pals wanting to watch the 12 part series but the film on the other hand has loads of access points: length, cast and soundtrack

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