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Hi Guys, I’m new in this forum and i can’t find the forum that promote your own band, so I make one. I’ll start with my own garage-punk/surf-punk band Bitzmika. You could check my Bandcamp or Spotify page. Don’t forget to follow each other band.

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Hey guys, new here. Trying to get my music out there. Would love it if you checked it out :slight_smile:

A soundtrack to science fiction.

Hello, everyone!
We are a band called “Lyscuro” that formed in Richmond, Virginia in 2016. We have just started putting out some stuff, here is a single from our debut album that we’re releasing on March 19th:

If you’re into ambient-electronic and textural evolution, I suggest you give this track a listen! Let us know your thoughts. Thank you :slight_smile:


HEY sup guyys got some heat on this <3 SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

Hi folks,

PET HATES. Brand new London indie rock band with 2 whole gigs under our belt :slight_smile: We’ve got 5 more lined up in the next few months (with one tomorrow night (16th March & free entry) at the Lock Tavern in Camden) and are starting to sound somewhat competent. Ish. Early days and all that.

Few songs can be found here - Tinsel (Tier 4 Demo) | PET HATES

FFO…I guess… Idlewild, Dino Jr, Replacements maybe…or to quote my dad ‘Sounds like you’re just ripping off early REM’. Cheers pops.

Thanks all.


Check out my band The Vibesmen

Spotify: The Vibesmen | Spotify

I’ll let you guys be the judge of our genre :wink:

The band in the OP is actually really good :joy:

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Cool website dude hahaha

Thanks for checking out this music and leaving your feedback.
New Electronic, vaporwave, retrofuture, chiptunes…

Enjoyed the slow, ambient atmosphere and synth textures. A human layer of vocals or instruments might add another dimension.
Followed you on SC

Very intense - and definitely suitable for soundtrack music. An accompanying video would help give some context. Very evocative.

Production is professional and track is intense. Would work well in a club setting.

Thank you very much for your interest. I would love to create music for a soundtrack, actually, if anybody is ever interested. I think there is a lot of collaborative potential there.

The video portion of this project will (ideally) be up and running by the end of this year. Until then, there are accompanying (static) visuals for each of these pieces which can be found here:

Check out my band with psychedelic vibe. Feel free to give some feedback to our song, we’d love to hear that :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

wah bandung juga inimah

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iya kang jauh-jauh, indonesia juga ternyata