Promoters / venues please publish set times

I think promoters / venues should always publish set times. Based on discussion here: Setlists

It makes gigs accessible for all, especially when venues are often not in the safest parts of towns and cities.


I’ve never had a problem getting set times by messaging either the venue or promoter. Would absolutely make it easier if they just publicised them though, so a yes from me to your proposition

Agree in principle, but it can mean support bands get ignored if people know when the headline is starting and stay in the pub until then.

That said, might stop some people turning up and talking through the support bands…


definitely, annoying to have no idea online of set times and only find out when you rock up to the venue and see a piece of paper taped to the ticket desk. Just needs one photo of that on twitter or insta and boom, sorted

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I’m more likely to get there for support bands if i know when they’re on. Remember Mudhoney with Meat Puppets and Metz in Manchester (that’s a lot of Ms) about 10 years ago, Metz were on at 7pm and loads of people missed them and were gutted.

Agreed. I remember going to see NIN in Manchester supported by Jane’s Addiction and Mew. Wasn’t bothered about JA but wanted to see Mew. I walked into a largely empty arena at about 7pm and Mew were just finishing their traditional closer Comforting Sounds, gutted.

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Yeah, there is that too. But, to be fair, doors open time is always on the ticket and the first band are usually on not long after that.

Have been to gigs where I was there for doors opening (7pm) two unannounced supports bands, first band not on to 9, and headliner not starting until 10.30 or so.

More finish times I’m bothered about. Can’t believe promoters still don’t realise lots of their customers have to plan how they are getting home.


Don’t want to call out male privilege in regards to this, but it generally is really. Little thought amongst some promoters that getting home from a gig requires safety considerations for many. This should be an area where these kind of accessibility issues are resolved.

This reminds me of seeing Swans supported by Anna Von Hausswolff at Concorde 2 a few years back. There was a club night afterwards meaning an early finish which, coupled with Swans’ standard long playing time, meant that AVH was on stage at 5:30pm! We didn’t make it in time…

Also the “not telling people when supports are on so they do the whole show” is ignorant of accessibility issues, whether it’s something like childcare or someone not being able to stand for 4 hours.

100%. Set times are such a tiny measure which means lots more people can have a decent night out.

My first ever gig was Idlewild doing a double acoustic/electric set at the Barras, no support

Nothing about it was announced, so cue a bunch of fans rocking up to find the band they paid to see already 7 songs deep in their set. That would have pissed me right off (I was there early and saw it all mwahah)

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