Promoting my own music here - my band is called pirate, and I’m going to be one of the biggest musicians of all time (kanye-proclamation-style)


hello people,

my music project is called pirate,

and I’m going to be one of the biggest musicians, if not the biggest, in the world in a couple years.

my genre is voice, mind, machine.

here are some of my songs:

music videos:

studio recordings:


also, i’m literally trying to save the future of humanity.

I get that this is a music forum, so I’m putting the whole music thing up there first^, but I’ll copy and paste what I put on many other non-music based sub-reddits/forums as the first part of my message, below.


I figured out a design for a computer algorithm to bring about world peace.

Read my Facebook post in my link below where I will present it to you.

I’m gonna go so fucking hard to propel this peaceful revolution online and offline to make this world a better fucking place for people of every single fucking race and culture so i hope you can get on this shit right now while I’m still just starting my first wave of advertising.


Hey @ma0sm you’ll love this.


ooh. pretty sure @ma0sm’s genre is voice, mind, machine. I think he has exclusive rights to all use of that genre name.



guess i gotta find a fine balance between trying to catch attention and coming off as arrogant


You know what? I think you arghhhhhhh


I hope you drown off the coast of Somalia


I’m with you, jman! #peacefulrevolution #firstwave


Can you post links to some of your songs so I can hear them at least?


oh, seems new users can only put two links in a post so i effed up.

here’s the playlist


oh my god :’’’’)


thanks, do you have a record deal yet?


no record deal






shit, thanks guys


please spread the fuck out of it if you wanna do me a fuckin solid


I can’t even


Don’t have time to listen to the whole 5-hour freestyle at the moment (got work in the morning), but I have clicked on the link and skimmed through it, and it does definitely seem to be all there.


Maybe just slow it down a bit, really think about your life mate.

Peace and love x


thanks for this.