Pronouncing stuff with an accent

Not sure what the consensus is here or if it is rational but for example when nerds on Youtube pronounce Japanese words or names for game titles in a Japanese accent it makes me feel uncomfortable.

Personally think it’s more humble and honest to just speak things in your own voice regardless of the language, especially if you are not fluent.

Any thoughts?

Maybe there isn’t a linear cut off between using correct pronunciation and adding an impression of an accent on it

Think there’s a difference between trying to pronounce words correctly where they don’t have sounds that are commonly used in English, and putting on an accent. The former is obviously fine/should be encouraged and the latter is obviously dodgy


Ah I see this has been covered


I don’t have a strong feeling about this but i wish people wouldn’t just guess at a pronunciation. Either get it right (within the limits of sounds you can make) or say it in your own accent.



Definitely comes across as somewhat pretentious. Always roll my eyes when a newscaster is talking about European politics and suddenly adopts a big French drawl to mention ‘Emmenuelle Maaah-chr-o’ mid-sentence.

Sorry but I ain’t ever saying croy-sant


Think maybe it varies somewhat depending on the relationship between cultures too? Feel there’s often a kinda fetishization of Japan from people in the UK/US that makes me more uncomfortable than the croissant example…for example

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Generally refer to a foreign language film as

  • It’s original title
  • It’s English title

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Whereas I, a cultured European, almost burst out laughing the first time I heard a British lecturer pronounce “Descartes” as “Dey-cart”


Feel like I started doing it to wind my partner up but I cannot now be stopped

I think that there is a third example too - where words have a certain intonation or cadence.

To take the example in this thread, Japanese words often have a cadence (called ‘mora’), plus it’s a pitch-accent language that can sound alien to western ears. Whenever you use this, it makes it sound like you’re putting on an accent to a certain extent.

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that’s interesting to know, thanks

  • I can do a passable French accent
  • My attempt at a French accent is on a loop in hell

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My accent + French words = absolute car crash. Completely incomprehensible unless I put on a very hyper high pitched French accent, which is also horrible, but it at least has elements that can be understood

Do accents all the time. Just mimic who I’m talking too, don’t even realise I’m doing it half the time



  • karatee
  • kara-teyy

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Carpet Shop outside Burnley Market in the Car Park.

Think it’s a Bernard Wrigley thing

You know I almost have sympathy for Steve McClaren on this. If you are a native English speaker talking regularly in English to non-native English speakers it’s natural to sort of adjust your language cadence to how they speak. I mean SM has gone full ‘Allo ‘Allo but I kind of understand how it happened.

Like in Italy even people with good English need you to pronounce each syllable because that’s how Italian works. If you just truncate prunciation like English people tend to do you aren’t intelligible. Or If you pronounce A as ‘ah’ not a sharp A it will be understood.