Proofreaders/editors of DiS, unite!


About time we have a thread to complain about all the stupid shit people do when they write articles etc.

I’m editing one article now where every single line was punctured by a line break halfway through. As if he were writing a poem. But it’s not.

(I’m pretty sure this thread will be relevant for at least a couple of other posters, but if not, I’ll just use this thread to complain to myself in an attempt to get it all out of my system.)


Presumably he’s C&P’d it from a PDF or something that has fucked the formatting, rather than deliberately written it like that?

But I’ll add one: People Who put two spaces after a full stop.


It’s because they don’t get enough practise. The pedants and associated zingers of DiS have probably improved my grammar no end.



Same writer puts in companies as a plural entity. Every time in my notes i put ‘companies are singular, please amend in future’, and every time he bothers to say sorry, but then doesn’t fucking do it!



Was that deliberate?


There’s a typo in your post, fyi. Bit embarrassing.


I will let you decide.


Narrows eyes


God I wish I had some kind of irk-laden red pen feature now. @sean


Reckon at least 40% of the people on here will be two stop wankers and will have Very Strong Opinions on why they’re right (“it’s how I was always taught!”)


This is my second language you insensitive bastard






I was taught to do two stops (during 5 minute personal lessons on our primary school’s single computer), but it didn’t stick, thankfully.




Should actually be “five minute”, minute as in small, not as in a unit of time.


you what


It’s difficult that one. We have to write a lot of events and I always get a bit confused. So, say The Diser’s Arms are putting on a party! Or The Diser’s Arms is putting on a party! I think the former, as it’s more of a group of people, rather than the venue itself


This person has also pasted in some links to some stuff he’s talking about. For a print magazine.


Then it would be the staff of the DiSers Arms are putting on a party.