Proper British tunes for proper British lads thread 2018


Bugger my neighbour, this is absolutely dreadful.

The Southern mockney Slaves esque faux punky bands are even worse than your Oasis/Roses/Courteeners wannabes up north. And being compared to the Streets (when he was good) is a gross insult.


I saw about a song of their set supporting Single Mother’s than he started going on about a song being about teenage sexual awakening then I sloped off to the bar.


I think I saw an article at the start of the year which said that Slaves started their own label (called Girl Fight or something like that?!?) which of course has loads of laddish faux-punk bands and I think these guys were mentioned?

#4 This may or may not have been posted on here before, and sadly doesn’t showcase this bands’ proper British tunes to set the world alight, but some of you might have a good laugh/cry reading this and looking at their playlist.


Been said before, but absolutely classic that it’s called Girl Fight and they’re signing all male bands :roll_eyes:


fucking hell that is quite a read :sleeping:


so glad there’s still proper bands who look like this


laughing at these types:

  • funny
  • classist
  • a little from column a, a little from column b

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listening to such a range of styles you wouldn’t even believe

we listened to The Jam, Arctic Monkeys and The Specials



For balance


That hair and moustache combo on the right though


Looks like a Dave Grohl novelty toothbrush


It’s not “classist.” There’s people of all classes who pledge allegiance to the state of Dark Fruits.

In fact, my biggest problem with the OP video is that they casually and crudely used the word “chav” in 2018.


Lad on the right has one of the strangest throats ive ever seen


stop trying to make dark fruits happen

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