Property Guardianship

Anyone done this or know anyone who has?

Is it a good alternative to paying extortionate rent, or you just paying to squat in an old, cold office block?

yeah, a few of my friends do it and they seem pretty happy tbh. I’m not even sure that they pay anything - just keep the place in good shape and don’t take the piss with parties and that.

I have a few friends who do it too, in some former community hall in Streatham, and they have set it up as a rehearsal space for their band. Sounds very commune-like. However, have heard a few horror stories as well.

I’ve said this before but: the fucking state of the private rented sector, that people are even considering this.


Renting is a shitshow, but some people seem to be getting a very good deal out of this set-up regardless

A good short-term deal, maybe, but with no security of tenure.

Yeah but it’s basically paying companies to allow you to keep squatters out on their behalf isn’t it, which is really fucked up.

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And minimal protection in terms of standard of property or legal/safety protections too.

Too many landlords are pushing liability onto tenants and avoiding legal obligations by claiming temporary status on a rolling/permanent let.

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Did this for two years. It was only bearable because I had friends living there. The agency who ran it were terrible though in lots of different ways. We worked out that they were getting about £10k per month from the building and did fuck all in terms of ever fixing anything. Lots of strict rules, and no tenants rights. One washing machine between 60 people.

I agree.