Prophets of Rage (Rolling)

New song!!

This has been ignored. I like it. Does make me feel bad about myself though.

i’m glad at least one person is ready to get this world unfucked!

can we have an intervention on morello’s pedal board?

Liking this new song a whole bunch and hopefully a better omen for the album than the EP. Not necessarily the time for lytical subtleties.

Very tempted by the Brixton show, but £50+ a ticket and not the best venue…

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Awful stuff

Going to see these guys at Brixton because I am on the bleeding edge of new music.

I think it’s fair to assume that anyone who doesn’t like the new track is a massive tory…

Not only lytical, but lyrical too.

Unashamedly good fun live last night :fist:

As per the setlist, the hip hop medley in the middle of their set was every bit as ridiculous as it looks on paper:

Ok, so it’s NME, but still… :fist:

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Morello in an intimate venue sounded tempting, but I’m not sure the new tracks are the “Jimi Hendrix of now” he was after. Bit disappointing really, right?

I can only imagine it will not be that good without someone giving him a strong artistic shove

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