Seems to be everywhere these days


the proseccotion rests




This is a good thread. I’m happy to be part of it.


Keep Calm And I’m Drinking Prosecco


Prosecco is great. Pick up some in the old LIDL often. Just a great drink really.
Obvs don’t drink it in front of anyone other than my wife as I’m a massive lad and she takes the piss out of me for drinking it


Prosecco IS everywhere. I’ve just loaded three cases into various fridges around the building.

Don’t look in the salad crisper.


There’s an actual “prosecco bar” opening two doors away from my house.

Its supposed to have been opening about 4 months ago, so, ya know


You put the PRO in prosecco, bbz.


Much prefer Cava.


Love getting on the Brosecco with the #lads.




I’d like to express my enjoyment of @Aggpass’s contributions here. I genuinely hope there are more.


i don’t believe anyone really likes champagne, prosecco, or cava. so grim.


Got to get on the Brosecco Brose for full bro-points, my Brohemian.

(I really like pink sparkling wine, FYI)


Champagne > Prosecco > Cava





I quite enjoy the novelty of a tiny glass of free fizzy wine at a wedding or other toast occasion (breakfast, for example) but the idea of drinking it all afternoon or night is horrific.

One glass of fizz then start smashing the beers with the lads. Hashtags etc.


Shite drink for boring twats who want to inject a bit of perceived glamour into their lives. Probably drink it at Pizza Express on a work night out.

(obviously I’ll still drink it if there’s free glasses out it being given out)