Protest / political music

Can’t possibly imagine why, but I find myself in the mood for angry / political / protest music at the moment.

Have put together a playlist as a starting point - suggestions please!

Loads and loads of Gil Scott Heron. Been thinking about this one a lot this weekend for obvious reasons


Yeah, I’ve got the Revolution Will not be Televised on there - really need to dive into more GSH in general. Love everything I’ve heard, but haven’t properly trawled. Part of it is that I find it really hard to listen to spoken word whilst working, which is when I listen to a lot of music - I look down and find I’ve typed out the last sentence the vocalist said. I’ll put some time aside this evening I think - do you have a suggestion for a good starting point album? I’ve heard (and love) I’m New Here, but apart from that…

I tend to enjoy his live stuff the most. Plug In, Turn On, Cop Out got reissued recently and is amazing, as is The Revolution Begins (which that song above is from).

Definitely some Saul Williams. Maybe one of these:

Act III Scene 2
List of Demands
African Student Movement


Agreed with Steved about seeking out some of his live stuff. Think Pieces of a Man has most of his well known songs such as the Revolution Will Not Be Televised so that might be the best place to start. A current favourite for me is Moving Target which is a bit smoother and more funk based. The album closer Black History / The World is astonishing!


Pretty much anything by Dälek could fit here. Especially anything off Absence. MC dälek gets a lot of flak for having a flat, rigid flow but his lyrics are always on point. And if anyone has ever perfectly distilled dystopia down into sound it’s Oktopus.


Really enjoy this version of B Movie from (the mostly forgettable) Reflections as well


Also this clipping. track:

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Might seem a bit of a weird choice, and unfortunately the actual album version doesn’t capture it so much, but this really raw version of Breaker that Low did the other day really fits that bill for me, about 2:40 from the end of this video:

“there’s gotta be an end to that”

Album version is a bit more tame, though obvs playlist friendly:


Also, this:

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Good shout - list of demands is going right on there

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Phil Ochs still as powerful today as ever


Just realised I’d forgotten Woody Guthrie too. Both in.

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Another epic, isn’t it? Don’t return to Reflections much either especially when Moving Target is much more rewarding from that era. Like Storm Music and Gun too though.

Have you checked out Spirits? I’ve never really given it a listen.

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Fugazi smallpox champion

Dave’s Black definitely belongs here:


Love how the bass builds with those crisp drums. Quite like how his vocals bounce between your headphones at around 3:45 in. So much to unpack in the lyrics.The chant of “this ain’t really life, it ain’t nothing but a movie” is really quite infectious. Kinda sets a template for Black History / The World to follow. Lovely stuff.