Protests you have been involved in

Big or small, group or individual, overt or covert.

Tell me about it

Good try, Theresa! :wink:


the day after i filled out an ESTA thingamajig?

…I can confirm that I have agreed with everything the government of every country that has thought on the side of good over evil has ever done, and never thought otherwise, not even for a split second.

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Free Deirdre Rashid


Personally protesting the Great British Bake Off on Channel 4.

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Went on a few anti-nestle marches when I was at uni because of their widespread slaughter of infants across the developing world with formula milk and their exploitation of water resources.

Still try to avoid nestle, although their products permeate virtually everything (and my mum for some reason got everyone nestle easter eggs this year, despite knowing it’s my Thing.)

Mostly when I was at uni though I was getting pissed and didn’t even notice there were marches on. And after uni I started working for The Man, innit.


I personally have partaken in many scathing critiques on the Conservatives, Lib Dems and Republicans in the Drowned in Sound Politics threads

I didn’t pay my poll tax in 1992.

I think technically there was only a couple of months of it before it changed to council tax which I was exempt from because I was a student, but there’s an unpaid bill out there for about £60, which my own small protest. I wasn’t (and still aren’t) the rioting sort.

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quite a few but none for a while
went to a palestine one that only like 20 people turned up :frowning: so we just went to a cafe instead

Sadly the only one I remember actually taking part in was the International Women’s March against Trump in London last year. Would love to do more, but I always seem to be so out of the loop that I don’t find out about marches that I’d attend until after they happen

Yeah. Is there a website or something?


rioting != protesting

One of my earliest memories is protesting the closure of the coal mine at the bottom of the road.

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I went to an anti-Trump one in Edinburgh the other year. It was really big. Now I think about it, I’ve no idea what we/they hoped to achieve.

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I do wonder sometimes how much is achieved.

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We’re here
We’re queer
We don’t want any more bears


Well he still hasn’t been over I guess

Oh, and I went to the Make Poverty History one in Edinburgh. 1/4 million people there was. It looked good on the telly, but again probably achieved nothing.

No, but the most famous protests against poll tax (in my mind) were the poll tax riots.

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