Protests you have been involved in



Oh, and I went to the Make Poverty History one in Edinburgh. 1/4 million people there was. It looked good on the telly, but again probably achieved nothing.


No, but the most famous protests against poll tax (in my mind) were the poll tax riots.


Pretty sure that one of the reasons cited in Trump’s rescheduling of plans for a UK visit (state or otherwise) was due to the strong possibility of very well turned out protests against him.

Protesting against someone like Trump is actually very useful because he has an incredibly fragile ego.


The most recent one I went to was a few years ago when the EDL wanted to march in Cambridge to protest the building of a mosque. The counter-protest outnumbered them by more than ten to one and the only violence was a fight between two EDL members in a pub.


Haven’t attended a protest in far too long. Some of my earliest memories are of growing up in the north east at the time of the miners strikes in the early 80’s. I think that seeing that instilled an appreciation of the importance of protest in me.

I was at the 2003 stop the war protest march in London - which was claimed to be the biggest protest march in London’s history if I remember rightly. Ended up in a goth pub in Camden afterwards.


“I’m the biggest cunt”

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fight ensues


Mum took me to the Save Edgware Hospital march in 1994 (?) - it’s the hospital I was born in and I recall her being very upset about it.

Stop the War in 2003 - I went to see Christina Aguilera at G-A-Y afterwards

The one where George Bush visited London in 2003 and they toppled the statue of him. I saw Will Self. The end.


A pro-refugee march in London a few years back. Ended up getting involved in Sisters Uncut’s flashmob.


The usual types of ones people like me get involved in, anti-racism, migrant solidarity, anti-war, anti-austerity. etc.

Didn’t really get involved in things like that when I was a student though, which was during the Iraq War. Despite studying politics I was not very engaged in activism, was a bit too unsure of what I really believed in, scared of nailing my colours to something I couldn’t back up properly if confronted, and unfairly suspicious of people who were really passionate about activism. Looking back on it I massively regret not going on the anti-Iraq War demo.


This is good


I’ve been to one of these and found it pretty unsettling seeing 1000s of mostly old people marching really slowly in silence holding anti abortion signs, felt really weird


I’ve contributed to the My Vitriol thread


Can’t believe people willingly let themselves get photographed at protests.

  • I’ve been to a protest to hold up my “funny” sign.
  • ACAB

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But enough about roman reigns

  • I understand this poll
  • UWOTM9

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Back in the day, lots of miners’ marches. Also had a good day out protesting the bid to de-Unionise GCHQ.

Went to the Tolpuddle Martyrs gala one year. Everyone was disappointed because Tony Benn had a cold and couldn’t attend and was replaced by this skinny guy that no one had ever heard of called Tony Blair.


Morning, officer


Did a march protest against Britain First twice. Done various union marches etc.

I like a good protest!


I’ve sworn and stuck two fingers up at EDL wankers when they’ve come down to Brighton for their self styled “March for England”*. Does that count?

*You don’t represent my England you twats


My dad was arrested protesting Apartheid. I’m so proud of him.