Protomartyr - 2022 IRE/UK Tour Announced


Guys get hyped the album is awesome, this is the opener ffs


That is something else.

They have an uncanny knack of making me feel quite emotional whenever I listen to them. Can tell yer man means every word he is saying and the music always packs a punch. Love them.


Exactly, there’s something really just flooring about that song.

I’m going to be interviewing them soon so feel free to fling me any questions :wink:

Really looking forward to this. Last two albums were fantastic, and the two songs from this so far have been equally great.

Under Color and The Agent Intellect are two of my favourite albums of the last few years, and from the first couple of songs they’ve put out I can easily see this joining them.

They have something special, where they really feel like a band… I’m not sure that makes sense, but I guess what I mean is each of them brings something specific and unique to the table, but it coheres perfectly. Plus Joe Casey is a brilliant lyricist.


Well do you know the story with them? The “band” are all conservatoire level musicians but none of them felt right as a singer/frontman, and yer man Casey was just a guy who sang karaoke at a local bar (he’s like ten years older than the rest of them) and the band “discovered” him one night and were so enamoured they enlisted him immediately even though he never considered himself as a proper “frontman” before


I knew Casey was a fair bit older, but had no idea they’d found him at a karaoke bar. That’s a great origin story!

Yeah, apparently Casey had proper stage fright being with a proper crowd, he was used to just singing the classics to a handful of bar flies

Cool story (optional bro)

Was never really into them, having given them minimal chances, but it dawned on me that Private Understanding on about listen 5 or 6 would be one of my tunes of the year quite easily. Something about the tension,claustrophobic subtle build and overall cathartic quality that really appeals. They are the type of band i typically go for so I am looking forward to the LP and hopefully getting into them properly…

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I come into so many threads of post-punk sounding bands, looking for that sound and ALWAYS leave disappointed after my first listen…

SO happy to report that isn’t the case here. I fucking love their sound. Started listening to The Agent Intellect but then saw the earlier release on spotify and thought if that held up I should listen to that properly first.

It holds up.

Gonna rinse it until I know it inside out and then move onto AI. Can’t believe there’ll be another this year! Just booked tickets to go see them in London - thanks to all in this thread - feel like I’ve been searching for a contemporary band with this sound/charismatic frontman forever.


Check out agent intellect in the meantime!

I am digging the hell out of these two tracks.

adds to list…thanks Severed799

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every song is gold. so excited for friday


Just wait til you see my GUSHING review

are you being sarcastic, i can never tell?

oh wow, unexpected sick burn :confused:

Sounding good

wasnt meant to be, sorry :sweat_smile: