Protomartyr - New album 'Formal Growth in the Desert' out 02.06.2023

Yes the shirts are a bit rubbish. Crowd was great- guy in front of me was headbanging all the way through.

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Fuuuuuuucking hell that was good! Their drummer is an absolute machine. Phenomenal.


That drummer was out of this world, the perfect mix of showy and restraint. Band were tight as anyway, no let up at all and just pummelled through that set, lost my shit to Why Does It Shake in the encore.


Had a great time pals x

‘Twas very good

I was a bit underwhelmed for the first 3 songs, which may have partly been down to the fact that I was feeling a bit iffy after getting over excited and smashing a bit too much Gamma Ray in the Euston Tap before the gig. But after that everything just seemed to click and the rest of the gig was outstanding. Especially loved the new track (Wheel of Fortune).

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Only just listening to these guys after hearing Wheel of Fortune.
They’re very good.


whole EP is banging, but that’s a particular highlight

Interview with Joe went well, the photo however not so well


have you tried to paint his face onto a photograph of someone else?


yeah you look TERRIBLE in it

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Interview now online here:


I’m going to see protomartyr tonight and I’m stoked like a boiler. Or something.

Anyway it occurs to me that, as a Jonny come lately, I only know relatives in descent and the recent eps…

So does anyone have a best of protomartyr spotify playlist or a recommendation of an earlier album to cane this afternoon?

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dunno about recent sets but when i saw them last year they did most of Relatives and a handful each from the previous two (and one song from the first apparently, which i’ve never listened to as it’s not on Spotify) so either one of the previous two albums should be useful.

personally don’t think either of them are as strong as Relatives, but Agent Intellect felt like the stronger of the two to me

this one is a bit of a banger


Ah see I love all three of their main records pretty equally (relatives is objectively best though).

@Scagden After having seen them live a few times over the past year or so they divide between relatives, agent intellect and official colour quite a bit, so I’d listen to both of those




Thanks so much @Icarus-Smicarus and @Severed799 can’t wait for tonight!