Protomartyr - New album 'Formal Growth in the Desert' out 02.06.2023

Fucking hell that was quite something. They had just found out a friend of theirs had been shot in detroit before the gig (he’s going to be OK thankfully) and the whole thing was just incredibly intense and cathartic. Incredible band

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Fuck me - more intense, cathartic proto? Glad their friend will be okay. What a scrap heap the world is rn

What’s their merch tekkers like? I’m keen.

How did you find Sauna Youth?

Yeah enjoyed them a lot. We’re completely blown away by what followed them obviously but will listen to them on record at some point and would catch them again if they were around, for sure

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Yeah understandable given the context, although tbh Proto are on ridiculous form just now so can imagine it being the case anyway.

In the meantime Distractions by SY is an excellent record

Fifteen quid shirts, three different designs, most sizes still available (except one of them in M). Didn’t see how much they were charging for records, but they seemed to be selling a lot of vinyl.

Anyway they were absolutely banging last night. Dragged a load of my mates along who weren’t that familiar and they were all super impressed.

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No idea how they were playing the picture house tbh, could easily have filled somewhere double the capacity in leeds/Manchester. Not complaining obviously

Yes, I dithered on buying tickets as wasn’t sure how far put of town venue was and if I’d make last train then it was too late. The venue tweeted pleading people to stop ringing for tickets.

At the Liverpool gig tonight, very excited and full of beer


Finally got around to reading this - great great work - really enjoyable.


Saw them at EotR and very much enjoyed it. Was a bit samey though, and the guitarist lacks a bit of panache. Also, would it kill the drummer to play the hi hat a bit?

Good band though!

Couldn’t disagree with these criticisms more


Yeah… are you sure you saw Protomartyr? :confused:

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Oh I’m sure it was, just they’re silly and incorrect things to be pulled up on

I’m being a bit of a dick, sure, but I’m not sure I am incorrect.

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Absolutely no-one needs more hi-hat.

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Well, the guitarist and drummer (and bassist, and Joe) are amazing, but this is just a matter of opinion of course

Think I just fancied the drummer playing a different beat from time to time. Something with less constant tom rolls.

Personally I think it’s quite impressive that he can do that and keep it interesting, that’s a rare skill. However I will admit they are a hard sell as a festival band