UK dates for 2018

04/05/2018 - Bristol, UK @ Wilde Westen
05/05/2018 - Leicester, UK @ Handmade Festival
08/05/2018 - Hull, UK @ Fruit
09/05/2018 - Birmingham, UK @ Mama Roux’s
10/05/2018 - London, UK @ Scala

any Bristol types know where that is? @fellover? @jimmyhuntspill?


Think that’s a mistake. Appears to be Thekla from the poster.


That’s better. Though a bit of line dancing and a lasso demonstration might have been nice.


I could see them busting out the Rawhide theme as a surprise encore.


Definitely going to get round to listening to them soon.


Why does Leicester have to be the festival date? Still going obviously. Possibly Birmingham too.


Hmm, interesting choice of UK locations.
Barcelona in April, perhaps ?


Relatives In Descent is now firmly in album of the year territory for me. Parts of it are looping in my head at all times.


You weren’t at the Whelans gig were you?


No, I was playing a gig of my own in Cork. Desperate to see them in 2018 now.


I’d never listened to them in January but in that “bands you discovered from these boards/end of year lists” way, I bought Relatives In Descent and have since bought the other three and I listen to 2 or 3 of them at least once a day. They’re just great. Roll on Scala…


Some live band this - just WOAH!!


So these guys are advocates of red fruit eh?




What am I missing here?


They are pro-tomato, Adam.

(where I’m from, the last O in tomato is pronounced as a “er” sound)




My name’s not even Adam





I have retrospectively liked @Scott_Chegg’s red card gif