King Gizzard was a label party they host there every year.


I hear King Gizzard was a Le Tournoi party


Ohhh look people!




Saw them on Monday in Aarhus (FINALLY) and they were absolutely immense. They played another new track which was an absolute stormer, possibly the heaviest thing they played all night, which bodes very well indeed


Was it this absolute stormer?

They just put it out, Kelley Deal’s voice goes so well with Joe Casey. What a band.


They just keep getting better and better. Fucking mad.


It wasn’t, I don’t think, it seemed much shorter and heavier, I think they called it “You Always Win” which is probably “You Win Again”, so that’ll have Deal too!


ridiculous band. Seeing them on Sunday in Glasgow, v excited as always


Starts off akin to Tarpeian Rock for the first minute or so then you get the Breeders influence.
Seeing them in Hull on Tuesday in the absence of anywhere nearer.


Seeing them as headliner for first time in Birmingham (for me not them) and then at Scala. Ridiculously excited.


How the FUCK have I never seen them! HOW?

Genuinely thinking of flying over for the Sheffield gig now. Must convince the TV to come with me.


Fucking hell this is good.


Really looking forward to Scala next week!


Best band in the world right now. Fucking brilliant.


We’ll be moved by then, and living v. Close to the picture house if you need a place to crash


My bro bought me tickets for my birthday to the scala show. Didn’t know them before

Might be going on my own so if anyone fancies hanging out lemme know


Come to Glasgow :wink:


Yeah I got sent the EP today and you always win is the last of the four track (following the one posted above) and also features Deal!


This band are fucking ridiculous