well you’ve hurt my feelings so you’re just going to have to wait and see if I was being sarcastic or not


the suspense is literally killing me

(if it helps, when i said i can never tell, i meant when stuff is written down in general, not just by you)


literally? you should probably get that checked out m8


I suspect this might end up being my album of the year.


it’s definitely up there for me


Was your review the DiS one? If so, :+1:


God this so, so fucking good.

I think they’ve snuck into being my favourite band of the past few years. Can’t think of anyone in recent memory whose albums I’ve enjoyed so consistently.


Ooh is it out now? Then yes.



I can’t tell if this this whole review is sarcastic or not


thanks, I like to keep my readers on edge


This is bloody excellent!


can’t really see this not being AOTY for me; didnt seriously think they’d top Agent Intellect, but this is pretty much perfect


About to whack this on. Don’t let me down, DiS!


Great album, thanks DIS!


Hadn’t heard of these til yesterday, what a band, I’ve been missing out


This album is fantastic. First couple of listens I was feeling a bit disappointed and wondering if I had overhyped it in my mind, but then on the third one everything clicked and it’s suddenly an AOTY contender. Perfect soundtrack for the horrifying state of things. This could also be a go to example of a band deciding to do something completely different that somehow is still unmistakably them and fits in naturally with what they did before.

And I knew he was a good lyricist, but wow, he’s on another level now, and it fits the music so perfectly.


Yeah that’s kinda why I ended up dedicating a lot of my review to the lyrics. He’s nailed it.


did they piss p4k off or something?


Liking this album a lot: really reminds me of Enablers, anyone else get that?