ooh yes that’s a good shout


“Too many lyrics by great lyricist” is a new one. Sometimes I think they only review rock albums because they have to from a business standpoint. They seem to like their rock music bland and focused on recreating the sound of 3 or 4 decades ago.


Is that bit about the horse in “Half SIster” a reference to anything? He basically out-Isaac-Brocked Issac Brock with that one.


I think Pitchfork had a meeting recently where they realised they hadn’t done any review scores that would wind people up for a while and then drew Wolves in the Throne Room and Protomartyr out of a hat


Nope, I interviewed Joe Casey and he claims to have made it all up. The Darlington one is because their previous tour manager is from there


if you could believe that their scores could be in any way standardised then RiD is only 0.3 better than the new shania twain album they reviewed last week. whats happened to that site?


Lol at Pitchfork. First Algiers and now this. What is their problem?




Really enjoying this so far…another good reason for postponing my album of the month list! At first I thought it was a decent album bookended by two amazing songs…but tracks like “The Chuckler” and “Night-Blooming…” are really growing on me.


Yeah the opening and closing are instant but the rest grows and grows with every listen


The Chuckler is fantastic. My second favourite after A Private Understanding.


Can’t stop listening to ‘Night Blooming…’ :heart_eyes:


new album is fuckin KILLER!!


I’m enjoying this, but mad I hate the production, and specifically the sound of the drums. It really isn’t to my taste (the production)


oh really how come? I think it sounds great personally but admittedly it’s not my strongest suit!


I’m not too knowledgable about production either, I just… don’t like the sound of the drums :blush: I admit its not the most nuanced criticism


Those and Ought


yeah Ought was my first thought


Yeah this is bloody great! Will probably have to revisit my AOTM selection (again).


Flip, this is great - just knew the name before, have now listened to the album three times