Reminds me of Lambchop… on erm steroids or summat


Really love night blooming cerius too - find bands like this (hookworms for example) don’t do slower, quieter songs well usually


Yeah it’s gorgeous


Don’t quite know what to make of this - I’m hearing a lot of At The Drive In dynamics but with all the distorted jagged bits taken out. The singer does his thing while the band play some interesting song behind him and the two are almost independent - similar to Fucked Up but with mumbling instead of shouting. No bad thing mind


Really loving this album. Not sure it tops The Agent Intellect, but it’s a bloody close run thing.


Guardian feature, no less


That “Corpses in Regalia” bass line is so good, and when he’s yelling those “Watch where you go”'s over it alternating with the guitar. And how “Male Plague” rips out of “Night Blooming Cereus”, and the “knock It down” sequences in “Up the Tower”, etc… Really, the whole thing is fantastic and functions so well as a murky whole.

From now on whenever a band says they’re going to “move forward” or “grow up” by replacing guitars with synths, someone needs to spray them in the face with a water bottle and play them this album.


I really should check this record out


Yes you should! Given they’re playing with Sauna Youth next month


Aaarrrggghhhhh is that the same fuckjng night that I have tickets for aldous Harding?!
There’s fucking loads of good gigs on that night


First night of the tour in Chicago.


How are Protomartyr live? Trying to decide between them, Mount Eerie and Algiers, who have all decided to play on the same fucking night.

Edit: didn’t notice the live recording directly above…


They’re really good.


I’ve seen them twice, once at their own headline show in a small basement venue, and the other at a festival.

They were amazing the first time I saw them, properly taken aback by how impressive they were, as at that point I wasn’t completely sold on them. They had this hypnotic energy about them that was really transcendent as you get to pick out just how great each individual member is at their instrument.

The second time (primavera Porto) was great too, but it lacked the intimacy and immediacy of playing a grungy basement (it helped that the crowd were amazing for that show too)


Half Sister is soooo good. Can’t wait to see them play this live


Thanks for this thread. Had never heard these guys until a few days ago and am now fully obsessed. Don’t think there’s a dud track on the new album and am now working my way through the others. “Ellen” off The Agent Intellect is absolutely amazing, particularly after reading the story behind it. Is the debut worth seeking out (it’s not on Spotify)?

Anyway, bought a ticket to see them in London in November. Can’t wait.


Really liking the “Don’t Go to Anacita” tune. Would it be naughty to say they sound like 60 Ft Dolls? In a good way, of course.


Also completely obsessed! Want to work my way through back catalogue but can’t stop listening to Relatives. Feel gutted prob won’t make tour as not playing near me and can’t drive


This is great great great. Loving everything about this so far but that bloody bass…so simple yet thumping. So so well recorded.


Really enjoyed listening to this and splashed out for the vinyl. Even more impressed now, the production sounds amazing, gone from ‘really liking’ to ‘loving’ quickly.