with Sauna Youth supporting <3


I’ve got tickets for aldous Harding that night and spinning coin have an album launch at mono. Why the fuck are they all
Playing the same night?!


Come to Berlin show?


I have booked a ticket for London but have double booked myself if anyone hasn’t booked yet?


Hello! Yes please I think, let me just check


Any word on this? It’s sold out now.


Oohh sorry! Yes please!


Enjoying this album, never seen them before. They’re playing near me in Brooklyn on Saturday for only $15 are they worth seeing live?


absolutely yes.


Going to be interviewing them in the next few days, anyone got anything they’d particularly like to know?


Of the previous 3 records where is best to start?


I’d work my way backwards, they’ve got better with every album but that’s doesn’t mean the old stuff is to be sniffed at


I find their albums particularly well-sequenced in an age where most aren’t. Is this happy accident or by design? If design then how? Do they ‘plan’ the album, or just not stop writing until they have a well-rounded experience?

Singer: who are some of your favourite writers?


The Agent Intellect and then backwards.


Assumed this was a black metal band. Seemingly not!


Oh man, have you been missing out… on a band that sounds like a slightly heavier Interpol.


sounds like most other black metal bands tbh


sick burn


Oh, that’s not a dis even if it were accurate it’s just something I thought warny would have no interest in but maybe I’ve misjudged him. Any band that has a track with an opening line of “in ancient Palestine a Roman middle manager dresses down a radical” is fine by me.


Yeah this is really great isn’t it. Might go to the brud in November for it