you don’t know me at all!!!

(I do occasionally dabble in ‘indie music’ contrary to popular opinion)


so gutted Sauna Youth aren’t doing EU leg… I mean we get Metz (headlining), fine but w/e


I’d say more The National than Interpol :wink:


Alligator era national meets 90s Nick cave, or something like that


yeah exactly i’d go with that


Struggling to find the first album to buy anywhere. Any ideas?


Download it illegally


right, now you’ve put me off.

you were right after all @VincentAdultman


Imagine being put off by a Nick cave comparison though


bit boring though (I do quite like the birthday party)


just listen to it ya choad


“When in doubt, place songs in roughly the order you wrote them and it will have a semblance of flow”


This is all very pretentious isnt it


i like it!


where are the blast beats


Half sister is currently my song of the year, BEGAN TO SPEAK IN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE gets me every time


If you’ve got 80 minutes to spare, this is an excellent rundown of basically the whole record.


Yeah this is my album of the year I reckon. Thanks DiS


Really? The song get’s going after that, IMO. It’s a great line but it’s not really delivered with any more punch than the rest of the song.


It’s genuine shivers down the spine for me! Absolutely love that line :slight_smile: