Got tickets for the brude


I just bought tickets for Berlin on Monday. So excited to see these songs played live.

I’ve never listened to Metz, and now I need to decide whether to stick around and watch them or walk to another venue to see Algiers. Hm.




see you there!

Metz are v. v. v. loud live. Not seen Algiers so can’t compare (where are they playing?)


Sweet! :slight_smile:

Algiers are at Lido, which I think is < 5 minute walk. Tbh I’ll probably just stick around for Metz. Seems a bit stupid to pay 20€ and skip the headliner.


Definitely stay for Metz (and start with their self-titled debut, though all three albums are great) - they’re one of those bands that needs to go on last because whatever follows is going to be a relative disappointment.


bit harsh on Protomartyr there just because they’re not as loud :wink:

I saw them supporting Fucked Up and Titus Andronicus before, so no problem there


Oh I meant in general, completely forgot I was in the Protomartyr thread (who I never got to see unfortunately). I saw Metz back in 2014 play before Cloud Nothings, and despite how good the latter were, Metz’s performance really hung over their set.

But Metz and Titus Andronicus sounds like a dream combination. In a much more extreme example of what I’m talking about, I saw Titus Andronicus open for Okkervil River years ago, thinking it was a co-headlining situation.


I saw Cloud Nothings and Japandroids in a kind of co-headlining situation the other night and the same thing happened there…


New date announced for The Scala in May. Can’t wait!


what’s that, prominent excellent-band are in Europe in May? hmmmm.


I really want to like this but I’ve listened to the album two or three times now and I’m just not feeling it, maybe my ears are broken :frowning:

I will keep trying in the hope that it finally clicks.


The bit where he sings “truth is a colicking horse” (coupled with the guitars getting heavier) does it for me.

What an amazing song


The build up towards the end of My Children sent a shiver up my spine yesterday. Very much becoming an AOTY contender


Was that you in front of me in the queue by any chance? Didn’t quite know if/how to say hi if so. :joy:


DUnno, which queue?


This is pretty fucking great isn’t it? I can’t remember the last time an album came out that held my attention this intensely for this long, every time I’m even a little bit stuck about what to listen to I instantly go back to this.

So excited for their Glasgow gig next week, missed them the last couple of times they’ve been this way. Every time I’m at the pub with the pal that I’m going to the gig with we just end up shouting lyrics from this at each other, probably really boring/shite chat for everyone else there. Also hi, I’m new here (kinda)



I totally agree - I’m a pretty new convert and find all three of the albums I’ve listened to seriously have an uncommon hold on me. V excited for London.


The Berlin show last night was incredible. I actually ended up leaving after a few Metz tracks because I was totally satisfied after Protomartyr. Plus they played for about an hour, so I feel like I got my money’s worth.


Yeah I didn’t watch all of Metz, they were fine but kinda meh in comparison