The album just keeps on giving long after I would usually start to get bored of it. I think this is definite #1 album of the year for me so far can’t see anything else coming near.


Booked for May at the Scala! EXCITAMATATED!


Hoping they add a bigger show up North for May. Going to Brudenell next week but was considering Manchester but it’s now sold out.
That said, expect they’re a shoe in for Primavera, although possibly not the Pitchfork stage this time…


well, this is much better than the garbage I attempted to write


ah balls :confused:


was looking forward to SY more than Protomartyr tbh


Yeah saw that last night, that’s a wee shame


Big news for one of my favourite Irish bands. Would highly recommend seeing them if you’re going to one of these Protomartyr shows.


Finally got round to this - really enjoying it. Before I struggled a little with the albums but thought singles were great.

They’re playing up here on Thursday. Recommended live? I’m quite tempted!


oh wow that’s pretty great! knew they were playing the Dublin show already but wasn’t expecting them to get on the whole tour.

would recommend everyone check out their album Spilt Milk (though last time i saw them the set was entirely new songs)


yes they’re amazing live go see them before they start playing big stages


Noticed that album has been a recurring most listened to on your ‘most played’. Liked it a lot when I gave it a few spins


So who’s going where next week ? Trying to pick up a ticket for Manchester


Oh man it’s here finally, this one caused me full on stress and anxiety, enjoy!


Will read this after seeing them tonight!


Also - after some listening time - I think they truly have improved with each release. A lot have said it before but I think this is my album of the year.


Definitely my album of the year as well. Enjoy tonight and report back on here! Can’t make any dates this tour sadly have to wait until Scala in May.

Loved them straight away when I saw them with Eagulls earlier this year.


Will do! Literally heard about them through this site, and recently as well - but they feel like the band I’ve been craving for years.


I’m a few pints down and bloody excited. Going in for Oh Boland shortly.

I don’t want to hear those loud trumpets anymore!


Listened to this again last night and I’m pleased to say I enjoyed it a lot more than previously, think it might be a grower for me. :slight_smile:


It’s definitely a grower for me, little bits are seeping in with every listen. It’s definitely not my album of the year but think in a year or two from now I might look back and think of it as a favourite.