That’s pretty ha how I feel about The Agent Intellect now. You going to see them on Friday?


Nah, has it sold out?


I dunno but you should if you can


I’m going to heavily regret it if I don’t


pretty much. As I allude to in my article there, seeing them at Broadcast was quite a life changing experience for me, and I don’t use that term lightly


Meant to have a date on Friday but it’s like 50/50 at the moment so if it falls through I might head along.


take the date there!


I know a Lazlo
And he doesn’t sound half as smart as you

@Balonz :cry:


this has grown on me a bit more now and quite enjoyed seeing them in Dublin tonight. i like how they just rattle through a load of songs really quickly.

also like how the singer looks more like a drunk comedian rather than a musician. and was quite endearing how he mentioned Oh Boland pretty much every single time he spoke between songs.

also the guitar in Male Plague always puts this in my head:


gig in Glasgow last night was excellent. they just absolutely powered through the songs and it sounded great, they ended up with this crowd of wee guys down the front going nuts and lots of very serious men with big beards and tattoos getting very annoyed at that.

joe was armed two bottles of becks in each pocket of his jacket. champ.


It’s the big one tonight: Brudenell.


Enjoy em?


Yeah, they were quality! Had a bit of a Stiff Little Fingers thing going on - messy, sweaty punk but a lot of melody there.


gehehjhhfaljeeeee wish I could have gone to see them
next time…


so gutted i didnt catch them on this tour. had tickets for the agent intellect tour, and then my grandad died the day before the show, ended up missing it. going to be so upset if i end up never seeing them.


Hopefully when they come back in May for the London show they will do more dates, preferably up north. Going to London anyway but want to do more to make up for missing this tour.


You have to assume that they’re not just coming over here to play a single show at London Scala and it’s also a little early for festival season.


Nah May is the start of festival season imo, just usually the smaller, inter-city ones. But yeah I’m sure they’re going to be playing everything next summer


Reminds me of Whipping Boy


Great shout that one. What an album “Heartworm” was. I’m sure if that album was released now it would be huge