Proxy banana

Instead of moaning about having to buy a banana, how about they buy a banana, write a nice message on the banana, already made their money back in doing so as it’s the most fun thing in life, then give the banana to the cashier as a gift and get the discounted dessert. Quids in m4.


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Banana are the perfect vessel for a fruit themed message of gratitude or joy


What kind of horrible shithouse restaurant puts manky fudge in a banana split?

As a rule, don’t do anything to make people’s jobs more difficult than they need to be. Just bring your fucking banana and let this kid serve your ice-cream so they can go home.


Without needing to bring the banana there is no discount, the cheap fee is the fee of all the splits.

You’re not providing a banana for the restaurant to save money on someone else’s fully priced banana split. You’re bringing the banana to save money on your own banana split.



They’re in the wrong simply because the person working there probably doesn’t get paid enough to listen to this shit

Bring the damn banana


They’re right, why should they have to bring a banana just to give/throw away?

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How else are they going to pass nice messages to the cashiers?


How much do you bet the cashier who found it sooo funny that they texted the manager had previously been told “let me know next time that no banana bringing fuck comes in ‘cause I’m banning him from every Brusters in the country

They were onto him, the jig was up.


Empty bananas, knew the thread title reminded me of something

Children at your feet


The shop can set their offers up however they like. They said you have to bring a banana, therefore you have to bring a banana. You can believe that the rule doesn’t make sense (if you don’t understand that the banana is a. a gimmick, and b. to limit the number of people claiming the offer), but they still don’t have to accept a picture of a banana if they don’t want to.


If someone turned up to my ice cream parlour, with a picture of a banana, or a card with the word banana written on, or just using the words “proxy banana” I would agree to anything they wanted and be glad to leave there alive.


I didn’t read beyond about two thirds into the first screenshot when it became clear that this was gonna be some fucking top Malcolm doing a well actually on a person working customer service who doesn’t need this shit, for internet clout.

Hate this type of guy so much.


Many people pull this kind of shit when there is no internet clout involved, unfortunately. Some people just can’t understand that they are not entitled to reduced price stuff and if they don’t like the offer they can just pay full price.


Nuanced option: Fuck this prick for their attitude over $3

But equally it is a pretty strange sort of promotion. Just have $4 sundaes on Thursdays where you have to BYOB, i.e. no banana is ever part of the $4 sundae and it’s up to you to supply it or not. Would be a better promotion.

Unless there’s some weird ordinance somewhere that is offering these shops a tax break for encouraging people to eat bananas I don’t understand why the promotion is put together this way.

  • I would be pals with this guy
  • I would not

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