PS4 Owners - quick help pls



Finally caving in and getting a PS4 this Christmas. Already irked at storage limitations and aware that Sony aren’t allowing simple USB hookup to an external.

I’ve seen some of the third party drives that can be slotted in with a bit of unscrewing and connecting… anyone using one at the moment?


there’s a good article on Eurogamer:


Thankyou Bammers! 2TB will do the job for an only-moderate gamer of my nature.

Games i’ve got ready for post-christmas vegging out ARE:

Last of Us
Dishonored 2
Fallout IV

Should keep me busy! :smiley:


Christ that’s an amazing list!

MGSV & Doom are maybe the most fun games to play moment to moment ever.


I’m pretty jealous of you experiencing all of those


the last time i owned a console was two generations back. i’m pretty psyched about this :o


oh you’re going to have so much fun!


…wait so you haven’t even played Fallout 3?!?


no :frowning: whole gen passed me by!


you’re going to have a pretty interesting perspective on games I think! Make sure you let us all know your thoughts in the gaming thread next year :slight_smile:


I blimming well will. The only recent game of last gen i played was Bioshock Infinite, because i got it for my mac, but that’s it. so I know what’s been relatively recently possible in games, but psyched as hell for things like MGS because the last one i played was MGS2 :smiley:


yeah everything you’ve listed there is a great game but in my view MGSV is the very best, probably my 2nd favourite game of all time (after FFVII of course).


I almost bought MGSV but read some less enthusiastic reviews (possibly on here) and went to Dishonoured 2 and the last Tomb Raider offering. Haven’t played either yet but heartily enjoyed Definitive Tomb Raider this year and you can’t go wrong with stealth killing.


ooooh i want TR for sure after i’m through all the above


staying away from Creed games right?



Mrs got me a PS4 early as a surprise. Last night i complete MGSV Ground Zeroes on Normal, then Hard. Then did the insane fucking hospital bit in MGSV Phantom Pain and have just arrived in Afghanistan. I DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS OPEN WORLD :’( I’m so happy.




yesyes? Was considering DS3. But that first perhaps? Gonna take me a fair while to complete MGS, GTA, Fallout 4 and Last of Us to be fair


Probably my favourite game ever. DS3 is also excellent, but I prefer the combat in BB (faster pace), the setting, and the story.


okay NICE. i’ve also just remembered i got Dishonored 2 which i’mma play after MGS because it looks insane