PSA: Flu Jab

Hi all,
Just to let you know that with Boots you can now book in for your flu jab. Definitely more important than ever, and if you currently pay for your jab then it’s good to get it booked in. Things might change in the future, such as broader eligibility, or more places where you can get it from, but no harm in booking in now anyway so you’ve got it sorted.

Only take a couple of minutes here:


Probably Lloyds as well, as the (39 year old) man ahead of me got offered one. He declined, obviously.

Booked one in at Boots.

Normally go to the GP but was told I wasn’t ‘high risk’ enough last year when I turned up for my appointment and was sent away.

Will pick up a cheaper one (well couple) when the ASDAs start their bookings soon.

Arguably if everyone was socially distancing as they were meant to be / wearing masks / washing hands, it should be less important than ever given that we should have eliminated a lot of the risk?

Just playing devils avocado - go get yourselves a flu vaccination kids!


This is the seatbelt/airbag argument

yes that’s true but flu still puts a strain on health services in normal years, and so anything that can be done to avoid flu-related hospitalizations is especially helpful.


Ffs, the annual flu jab argument is early this year isn’t it! Or maybe time is just meaningless now :smiley:

Either way thanks for the heads up, will get myself booked in now :slight_smile: bloody love a jab


Alright… some boxer who’s famous for their jab

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Have been getting the jab regularly since I got the flu in 2016, I learned the hard way that we don’t want the flu


Ah, so your “more important than ever” wasn’t about catching the flu but the overall strain on the health service during a pandemic. I’ll give you that one.

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ain’t no flu gonna stop me from living my life

Because you’re going to get your jab to stop you from getting many strains of it? Good.


is anti flu jab a thing? might make it a thing.


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Falls into wider anti vax I guess

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had the same a few years ago when I asked my GP if i should get one actually. said it was only old people who should get it and then never thought about it ever again.

Booked in :person_fencing:

When is a suitable date to get it? Is now too early?

I couldn’t book in before September 14th with Lloyds.

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There’s some evidence that the 'flu peak is moving later (was historically this side/around Christmas, but now season is extending out to early spring) which might mean immunity wanes a bit by end of the season… But i think everything’s out of the window re: 'flu season timing with COVID given the skewing of other infections by social distancing/lockdown.

Either way, getting a vaccination now is better than not getting one at all. I don’t know what stocks etc are like this year, or if there is a plan to prioritize those at greater risk in a more structured way than normal… I guess Public Health England will sort… oh wait