PSA: Flu Jab

All jabbed up here. £9.98 at Asda pharmacist for anyone not eligible via the NHS :muscle::syringe:

Looking forward to my covid booster and hopefully flu jab over the next few weeks.

I won’t retread over how much I hate anti-vaxxers but this is looking like a decent Christmas where people will be able to mix as safely as they can for over two years due to vaccinations.

P.S. I fucking hate anti-vaxxers


Booked for 1 Nov. Hopefully I survive until the festive season. I DO NOT WANT FLU.

I was the trainee’s first ever injection. She was so scared :pleading_face: :revolving_hearts:

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Did she get it in the right cheek?


If it’s not too intrusive a question (and please say if so) what reason do you qualify for a covid booster under?

The reason I ask is that both my wife and I received texts yesterday saying we can book them now (we’re both vaccinated twice with one booster already) but when I go to the NHS link they included it tells me I’m not yet eligible. The website says that “later in the autumn” over 50s will be part of the eligible group, but it seems not yet, despite the texts…

I work at a hospital and they’ve started sending texts to various staff members to book their jabs.

I haven’t had my text yet but expect it’ll be soon. They seem to have set up a walk in jab system at my place too.

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Booked in for 5th

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Had mine yesterday :sunglasses:

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Had mine today at Boots and the pharmacist said last year they ran out in October, just FYI for anyone who’s not booked theirs but is thinking about it