PSA: Flu Jab

I couldn’t book in before September 14th with Lloyds.

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There’s some evidence that the 'flu peak is moving later (was historically this side/around Christmas, but now season is extending out to early spring) which might mean immunity wanes a bit by end of the season… But i think everything’s out of the window re: 'flu season timing with COVID given the skewing of other infections by social distancing/lockdown.

Either way, getting a vaccination now is better than not getting one at all. I don’t know what stocks etc are like this year, or if there is a plan to prioritize those at greater risk in a more structured way than normal… I guess Public Health England will sort… oh wait

#nhsmates have told me that they weren’t told about the plan to increase flu vaccination to everyone over 55 until two months ago, which was after the cut-off point for ordering enough doses, so… yeah

Always used to get mine “in the office”

Not heard what they are doing this year . I’ll try and get one somehow or other I guess , although my exposure to colds and sniffles has been literally none since Covid (I know a cold is not the same as flu)

That will probably all change when my son goes back to college though, I’ll probably be :face_with_thermometer: for the rest of the year

My wife stitched me up by booking us in at the full price Boots without my knowledge!

(don’t really mind, cheap at half the price)

booked mine for 2nd October.

what could possibly go wrong…

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The extension is actually for everyone aged 50y+ this year (an extension from the usual 65y+). Its a phased approach though, so the idea is that at risk groups, the shielding cohort & 65y+ are in Phase 1 & prioritised in Sept & Oct and then the 50-64y ‘might’ be offered subject to supply in Nov & Dec as a Phase 2.

The big logistical challenge that providers are still grappling with is how to administer the campaign on this scale in a pandemic. Flu appointments are usually quick turnaround 5 minute blocks & line up a load of chairs outside the nurse’s room jobs. This clearly cant happen this year, so patient flow, time between appointments, sufficient PPE and time to change between slots etc are all a headache.

As well as expanding the age groups, the vaccination rate national targets have been extended within the ‘at risk’ under 65y groups too from 55% (already hard enough in a deprived area) to 75% of eligible patients. The full spec was only rolled out last week, so this week has been the first time we’ve been able to see exactly how many patients are part of the full cohort in our practice (an increase from around 5500 to 8500 patients for us this year!). Given that flu planning usually starts in the preceding January, practices had to submit vaccine order numbers to the commissioners back in May on the basis that the campaign 'was likely’to be expanded this year in light of the pandemic, and there are four different types of vaccine available - they’re going to have to be flexible this year in terms of ordering!


This is really interesting, thank you for posting

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Glad to see the BBC reporting this, but giving it less exposure than the new that Our Great Leader has managed to afford a personal trainer

Can’t book (at least yet) in the only pharmacy I can walk to :disappointed:

Flu jabbed

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I don’t think I’m going to bother. I barely leave the house as it is and when I do it’s out in open air for exercise or occasionally to a quiet shop. With this in mind, having to go to a particular place where a high number of people will have been and no doubt will be just seems to be increasing the risk of transmission as opposed to me just staying away and maintaining my pretty isolated current way of life. Is this silly?

I got mine privately in a supermarket where it was very quiet. It’s not for me to say whether you’re silly or not, but my default view is that people should get a flu jab if they can. My experience is that was it was very quick and low risk, just like going to a shop.

Not jabbed yet but booked in. Really hope they send a reminder :grimacing:

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Lloyds have rescheduled mine to October because they haven’t received enough doses, which isn’t ominous at all.

Never even considered getting this before so think I’ll book myself in, cheers

I get a free one because I’m asthmatic. Got a text from the doctors’ surgery inviting me to a walk-in flu clinic in early October.

Had mine earlier. Arm aches now. Worth it to know that when I get flu symptoms it’s probably coronavirus…wait.

Also the pharmacist said I was the first person to get one in their branch, but in a “you’re a bit keen m8” rather than “good for you” way.

Have mine next Friday. Figured it was better to be keen before they run out.